Hilber Files for Mn. Senate Seat 67

               Rant Page from the gadfly

                                                          August 2012

                      See Foung Hewj victory anaylsis on subsequent pages please!  



                                      Pre-election statement  April 2012


 The great Minnesota shut down is on cource for first  Friday in july 2011 with both political parties behind closed doors trying as hard as they can to compromise over what is essential and whom to tax and I predict a solution will involve a major change in our state government services and how we pay for them.  That we all share the pain of hard times is essential for a just solution to our states deficite spending. By our very constitution we must have a balanced budjet.


                                                      November 2010

               Congradulation to all the winners from the biggest loser... bottom of the heap but slightly less over weight dude for all the leafletting and door-knocking on the East Side  of Saint Paul Minnesota.