Hilber Files for Mn. Senate Seat 67


Feathers In The Wind

Posted on October 22, 2010 at 5:44 PM

Ever just want to drop out of the rat race?   Well the facts in this case are the following; I was voted out of the race, came in last in a crowded field of nine,so dropping out is about just giving back crap because the deck is stackted against you from the start,and there is no chance in hell people will vote for a free thinker, privite sector type employee,  or one prone to think for themselfs and not like every Tom, Dick or Harry out for selfish self interest. Take public employees.... like they have this one sewed up with fellow travelers in the DFL that just go along even though government is basic in it's dysfunctional attitude of screwing the public working in privite sector by legislation that insulates itself from the realality of what most people suffer through without any real guarantee like health care, retiredment, representation, paid suspensions, no fire jobs!  At will employees in the privite sector have none of the cadalac constitutional guanantees that public employees have and it's public complicity with this that gets candidates that guarantees fiscal prosperity to some but not all. Add to the insult Small  & Big business and moneyed interests like chambrers of commerace and corperate heads team up with this hold  on elected positions while access to our public discontent is marginalized by the press. So I just want to give up some times,  take what I can,  make a difference when I can, but this bad taste left in my mouth is sour apples and hoase apples, gritty and distasteful to me!  Bottom line is I'll be back not the wiser but just thorney enough to ruffle a few feathers whenever I can!

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