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Boulevards Of Saint Paul

Posted on October 5, 2010 at 3:58 PM

St. Paul Citizens snatched up my front curb throw-a-ways …while observing the new owners made me realize that a new term may be in the works; I'll just call it boulevarding... “Like need something (?) Oh I’m going to the Boulevards of St Paul to shop”, as opposed to say alleys where their hunting for scrap metal to recycle. Dads can go scrapping while moms can go boulevarding. I’m Just saying It is a good time to put stuff on the boulevard you want to get rid of, I know cause lately I have been putting large items, like file cabinets, dressers, book shelf’s, portable heaters, auto accessories and the like and next day they are gone. One item was slow to move so I put shrink wrap all-around it in case the rain would destroy an item next morning it was gone. I know this to be true because it actually happened. Incidentally we are getting old and we want to simplify our live down to the bare minimum so our kids don't have to sort through all our stuff. We have no real attachment to these give-a-ways for I savaged most myself over the years sort of out of need at the time but also that is how you live below the poverty line and do OK in a throw-a-way culture like ours. It was the speed which my now used again & gain being for free ‘crap’ (my wife’s term) moved off my curb. Boulevardiers’, dumpster divers, boudoir hoppers, alley scrappers are never the kind of people you see on “whose for yeah” political mailings rather these are proud folks living within their proper means and wouldn’t be caught dead at Mancini.s at least not at the front door. Now if all the couches & chairs out there were shrink wrapped I fell they would move faster for yeah! Remember a good soaking rain on pussy’s favorite chair before shrink wrapping would be a good for business

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