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Posted on September 21, 2010 at 10:31 AM



                               Pretenders in politics


     I may have come in last in Minnesota Senate District 67 race but I was right on about watching the money in Minnesota Senate District 67 race: The fourth estate has failed to give the fifth it's due! First off John Harrington still has not been vetted by the Pioneer Press 10/21/10 or by the fair campaign practices, or campaign finances, or the general public which just knows it got a cop that has a questionable RNC/ Gang Task Force/ hostile work place, civil rights issues as well as Republican past. Like come on here....I was trying to make the case that empty houses et. al. were the issue that should have been starting point for 67 debates while Mee Moua was keeping shamefully quiet about her domicile being foreclosed on. Meanwhile Harrington won a media popularity contest which the (sic) special interest public confirmed in its action at the primary polls. Are we east Siders so afraid we let the press poster boy with a badge solve the empty houses problem by himself. J.H. reputably living in Oakdale before he became St. Paul Police chief blatantly claimed he lived in St. Paul 20 years in his literature. Had I been elected I would have had the state of Minnesota place a moratorium on foreclosures until the poster boys of public safety like Harrington et. al. had the real crooks in jail, we all know that would have been at least a five years of prosecution and court stall tactics.

     So who cares where the carpetbagger politicians, that East Siders have fallen in love with, actually live? No one… it's more subtitles then that, it's about the money, mostly… outside money that controls the our fair city like a pet project with drastic financial consequences for us city dwellers, things Like sky ways, commercial rather then industrial capitol misspent, to say nothing of the cadillac retirement plans out there will be coming home to roost and ask tax payers to bail out their retirement losses in the stock market. I'd have made any Minnesota cadillac retirement plans like live in the state they draw their quarantined public pensions and health coverage deals. The middle class and private sector jobs have been pushed to below the poverty level with stagnant wages, equity skimming and for the life of me I can not see how this has become a republican rally cry when they, a very rich minority, and their fellow travelers that benefic from the tilted economic playing field. I've said it before, and I will say it again, public employee unions have sold us in private sector out with their over zealous self interest and rather then bring us along they are driving us to support pretenders out of our uninformed desperation.

    Ok! Poor Folks Don't Vote! Politically informed financially secure people do vote in primary races including crossover voting by stealthy Republicans…who as I see it let compound interest destroy our credit ratings, who stole our equity, who makes our money worthless, who sells us crap that don't last, who tells us we are safe when we are being ripped off by rich folks and destitute poor folk criminals. Who Who who!?

   What did Mee Moua do with the thousands of dollars from Lobbyists she accepted during her time as Minnesota senator? The press is culpable, as we all are wallowing in this shame and misinformation that promotes homeless pretenders like Harrington and Moua rather then truth tellers in this economic malaise we are caught up in. Maybe I am just a blues banjo player but the truth always wells up in a democracy even if so very slowly. Empty houses and homelessness were the issues and I did my part…addressed them in my campaign, while the pretenders blew smoke in publics face. The pretenders may appear to have won the day but truth wins in the end or our democracy, wherein free, open, and honest discussions on issues reigns or democracy is a farce. I may have come in last in this race but I was right on about watching the money in Minnesota Senate District 67 race.



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Reply Thomas Hilber
4:05 AM on June 28, 2011 
Factoid: The complaint I filed with the fair campaign practices went down a deep dark hole and it will take courage to scare that rat out of it's resting place!