Hilber Files for Mn. Senate Seat 67


Photo use and undue influences and implyed support

Posted on August 11, 2010 at 6:45 PM


a.) Use of pictures taken at S.D.67 DFL debate and organizers announcement to get permission from participants must not have sunk in or you where wrong about this issue, as John Harrington's web site used my picture with out my permission. See MS 211B.07 MS 211B.02 unduly influence for or against a candidate. Other candidates in S.D. 67 did use pictures in their media items from the DFL events but I have no knowledge if they had permission from persons in pictures in those instances. The only issues I found in the 2010 Campaign Handbook, we all got at filing from Sec.Of State are under unduly influencing voters, and false claims of support. This was publicized as public event, so I'm thinking the admonition you gave at the event had been over ruled by greater legal heads then you or me.


b.) I know this is may seem pretty petty stuff however accumulative missteps like this is mounts up in politics and misuse of power and in misinformation age we need to get it right don't you think? With Harrington former Rep. waltzing into the S.D.67 DFl and taking over, (respect to the people voting in primary including crossover Rep. voters is granted) and with Dayton overcoming a DFL endorsement state wide we need to seriously rethink the value of the DFL endorsements process.




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