Hilber Files for Mn. Senate Seat 67


This is background on one man's run for office

Posted on July 7, 2010 at 4:50 PM

     The 'Door Knocker' was printed this weekend so I have been out  walking and talking the neighborhood with it and don't you know I have to correct one part where the date of the general election was wrong.  I took the imperfection and made a positive out of it and will sign each piece 'Tom' as I correct each one ...just as a personal touch to let people know  I'm active in the neighborhood. Rain gear is on order Wedneday... it seems!

     Mostly people are wishing me well, but,  the negitive stuff is still tuff to take especially from peers who want to make feel bad for my political quest cause they think I should'nt even be elected cause I'm imperfect and yes 'grandiose' to think a recovered drunk should not be a Minnesota Senator.  I guess if you're a well to do  recovering drunk, like Mark Dayton, it would be easier to accept for some people. It does take a strong ego to with stand the slings and arrows of folks that just do not like yeah!

     The other criticism is the grandfatherly  aura I'm promoting.. it  is a gimmick to get peoples attention and recognize my campaign as ligit and not just a ego thing. Thinking outside the box and being creative is part of promoting ones self which, after all is said and done, is what politics is all about.  My personal story is just as valuable as the next guys and never having enough money to do things is just the message politicians need to address with all the deficit spending government is doing to stimulate the economy. There is a better way!  The Hat cause I'm going bald,  the glasses cause my eyesight is not what it used to be and I do have grandchildren so as far as the 'professor thing' I have to say I am a scrappy scholor.  I was not ever a A student except in history class! 

      As far as 'puffing up my qualification', well you cannot take away the fact I have never been a slaker. I've worked hard all my life making a living, and trying to improve myself and others to make this the best life I can with the talent God gave me. You Don't like it tough! Good luck is the most common salute when out door knocking so I wish you good Luck with the personality / principle thing some of you got going out there for yeah!  I'll press on cause I am no loser.  I know what I'm gonna do next ...do You?


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