Hilber Files for Mn. Senate Seat 67


Lefty's View from Poncho's Living Room

Posted on December 18, 2012 at 8:25 PM


Making the socialist charge will not (history wise) stick on President O'Bamba. Lefties and liberals know he is a conservative with Wall street and medical industry associations and has so far helped them out more than the middle class suffering from foreclosures, home equity loss, wage stagnation, IRA & 401 losses, inflation all of which is festered by lack of jobs, war policy and military spending continued on from the Bush years. Union people will vote their pocket books, private sector will get table scraps, the middle class will wrestle with lesser of two evils voting and fighting straw dogs presented to it by pseudo ethnologists intend on continuing the culture war while playing nut & shell game with American power and wealth.

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