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Whitestone Hill North Dakota Victory or Genocide

Posted on November 11, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    The greatest massacre in North Dakota was September 3,1866 at Whitestone Hill Near my home town of Lamoure.  As a child and a student this event was shrouded in racism and greed and yes verifiable (secret document of Thomas Jefferson) American policy historicly called Manifest Destany. Complicit in this massacre was DakotaTerritorial Governor William Jayne who raised the militia that served in the Sibley-Sully Indian genocide of American Indains commonly known as the Sioux alot of whom were Christains.  Sadly Abraham Lincoln's action hanging 38 warriors defending their home was not effective in stopping the genocide of a peoples culture including women and children and mixed bloods of 600 years of intermarriage of the French.

     The Whitestone massacre created conditions to wipe out the buffilo and the Souix that thrived on them, devide up the land by speculators and railroad mogels and complicit Minnesota Governors. Immigrants were mostly unaware of the greed and averace of Washington and state governors in bed with east coast Mogels: List of Robber Barons ; 

                                                              Henry M. Flagler................                                

  John W. Mackay

Frank W. Woolworth

August Belmont

Richard W. Sears

Charles W. Post

Daniel Drew

Jay Gould

Jacob Schiff

John P. Morgan

John D. Rockefeller

William Vanderbilt

John Jacob Astor

Stephen Girard

Frederick Weyerhaeuser

Marshall Field

Henry Ford

James G. Fair

James Fisk

Henry C. Frick

E. I. DuPont

Levi Strauss

Russell Sage

John I. Blair

Collis Huntington

James C. Flood

Phillip Armour

Leland Stanford

James J. Hill

Claus Spreckels

George Eastman

James B. Duke

George Hearst

William Randolph Hearst

Isaac Singer

Adolphus Bush

George Pullman

Johns Hopkins

Cyrus McCormick

Joseph Pulitzer

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Andrew W. Mellon

William Weightman

Edward H. Harriman

Henry H. Rogers

Mark Hopkins

Edward Clark

William Rockefeller

Charles Crocker

Charles Tiffany


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