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Posted on September 3, 2012 at 2:50 AM

Labor Day 2012 makes us all take stock of our work lives and fundamental need to be supporting of our self’s and basic needs of our families and for some the accumulation of wealth over and above these needs. Working lives of men and women that were based on hunting and gathering and later tending live stock and farming as well as manufacturing that always had to do with community efforts. The individual separated from this fundamental communing would more than likely be banished rather than choosing a solitary life style. The next development in Darwinian sense was stealing the goods, crops, or killing of our neighbors.

The free enterprise system following the tribal then feudal tenants began the accumulation of wealth beyond basic needs and leaving a vast majority of mankind either as slaves at best but dependent at worst to the means of meeting basic needs and the morphing of the landscape in savage ripping tearing and destroying nature like the buffalo, the pristine lakes and rivers and the wild prairies and boreal forests ancient landscapes.

Buying and selling began in earnest with ownership replacing sharing and communal needs supplanted by corporate families whose main object was the bottom line. These Business families, or rogue individuals, then reverted to stealing again out of need or greed you could debate this while forever as wars continue to rage on around the world.

Working class response than was to come to gather for protection against this theft and wage enslavement and destruction of the planet. The culture of 2012 appears to be on the verge of the a new crude partnership of rugged individualism and worldwide corporate monoliths… one ‘self made’ the other basically a commune for accumulating things and promoting stuff to the rest of us, forcing us to depend on these things we either don’t need or altered, like food, things we do (not) need. Which side are you on (?) rings out in today’s world? TSH2012


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