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 Original idea for blog was to have a presense on the web for Mn. senate compaign in 2010 but now it's about whatever... music mostly rants when needed.... 

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Harrington's acess to police powers questioned!

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Monday 11:39 AM 8/9/10

Regard Candidate S.D. 67 on line debate format: I'd send a document to e-democracy and it would come up blank except for my profile picture and file attached and “Tom's response” then a blank. Area!

I would then try to re enter my candidate response again using my second entry of the day and computer froze up. After that I could not get anything to enter on succeeding days to e-democracy... This is way out there scary I’m aware but even if I’m wrong there is on going FBI investigation on Harrington’s Gang Task force. I’m in fear with no small reason knowing his access to powers greater then we all possess.


Computer froze up and suspects are a combination of scenarios; my own errors, being blocked or hacked trying to do research on other candidates like Harrington’s veracity and honesty in his disclosure information that I’ve been working on. I asserted that Herrington may be using his powers of police control and command resources to control his political message. (Ex check out Wikipedia the police federation used access to SPP files to vacuum the site making it essentially a SPP police site. When I tried to enter my research on e-democracy forum my computer repeatable froze up


Check the dates and the revisers of Wikipedia and you will see what I mean. It was when I found a security breach on Harrington’s web site regards money and favors rendered by teachers union local 28 that my Puder stated seizing up finally shutting me down. I believe the $250.00 deaL WITH THE TEACHERS IS QUESTIONABLE ETHICS.

The other thing is my entries would not come up as a matter fact like other on e-democracy my AOL mail provider. Anyway so goes the race and raising the issues about Harrington’s residency in the district.

It’s all water over the dam unless I’m right about Harrington access to all that power and helping hands of SSP and Police Federation et.al. Harrington’s a nice guy but even nice guys know powers corrupt that’s why the FBI is investigating task force he founded (see his web site).

I hope I'm wrong about all this....

Can’t wait for Tuesday to be over!

Tom Hilber Mn. S.D. 67 candidate

ADD: While the teachers and Harrington are targeting seniors with their Power trip I hope this goes through! I will attempt to enter this on e-democracy as I’m on now on hopefully secure computer!

St. Paul issues fourm e-democracy blocks my entries!

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  •                        St. Paul issues fourm e-democracy blocks my entries!
  •                         Now I'mblocked for acciden5tly spaming e-democracy entries...Most anal retentive managed site on internet in myexsperience, sorry but true!

The X files on Harrington Letter Security breech!!!

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 In  P.Press Recently...... "retired St. Paul police chief; teacher at Metropolitan State University; volunteer leader of Ujamaa Place for young African-American men; born in Chicago; has lived in St. Paul since 1977; single, with two previous marriages".




33 years St. Paul

Literature says 20 years East side


0000 E. Ivy St. Paul Mn. 55106


Saint Paul Police Department Gang Unit ....apparently Still Under FBI Investigation

On His web site he states he founded the gang Task force


"John created this unit to prevent, intervene and suppress gang activity. Based on his own research into why youth join gangs, the Gang Unit has been a lead participant in

major long term investigations and has also sponsored positive youth activities to keep them out of gang involvement.........."


His Priorities:



  Civil rights


Security Breach on JH web site.....Plus how the money works.....

JMH WEB PAGE states under events

" we are all set for phoning at the Teachers offices on Monday!!

Here are the important components:

Address: 400 Selby. Office code for the door if its locked is 512 (please do not forward this email!)

There will be a small charge for use (cant be free) which will be more than offset by a contribution that is being sent to the campaign from the Union of $250 which should arrive next week.

There will be 2 lines available Mon-Fri from 9-12 and 4 from 6-9. I recommend bringing a couple cell phones to use as well. Having four phoners at a time should be our goal.

I have two lists for calling.

One is the senior list (1,035) that should be called from 9-12. It will be a follow up to the letter we just sent Seniors (which hopefully lands tomorrow or Monday at the latest).

The other is the undecideds (500) from our phone calling, that should be called from 6-9pm. It will be issue oriented since we know their issue"   (?)


"As a peace officer I also learned the importance of protecting the civil rights of everyone. Every part of our justice system, and our government, must treat all people fairly and justly. This is the bedrock of our nation's founding as well as being necessary for all people to have trust and confidence in our government.

My understanding of and problem solving on this issue has drastically reduced incidences of domestic violence in St. Paul. I have also learned how our youth get involved in gangs and illegal activity and developed programs to keep them from going down that road."



             (What about domestic violence with ranks? RNC violations FBI investigation? Hostile work place?)



FYI Call to Dave O. St. Paul P.P. I Told him....

"I Don't have the money to investigate this misuse of police power in a Mn. S.D. race ...............

The On line debate St. Paul issues e-democracy fourm

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Tom Hilber’s response to spiffers question # 5


Question #5 Ed and Rick ask.. The Eastside has experienced significant demographic changes in the last decade, what are the challenges that this change presents to the provision of local services and previous traditions? How can/will the state be involved in these challenges?



Like Ed says Eastside ethnicity continues to change and I say the role of government is essentially the same as ever.

The role of government is to promote the general welfare (not just have or have nots by the way) by doing essential human services and assuring agriculture, health, education, roads, public safety, corrections, economic development, National Guard, natural resources, transportation, labor and industry et. Al……is on the right track for the common good.

Our mothers and fathers origins tell our stories through us: My dad was German and Irish going back to civil war times while my mother was Norwegian French and Indian going back 600 years ago. Each of these forbearers had their turn at teaching US government and then Minnesota government how to treat ‘we the people’.

I think I have a few things left to teach government before I depart this earth. I may be an old American and My 66 Years of struggle and hundreds of years of past family struggles related to fitting into the American Scene are invaluable tools for a Minnesota Senator to have, you’d think any! Politics makes for strange bedfellows

Here is where I plead for you to vote for me, longtime Eastside of 38 years, experienced, passionate and ready to serve If given the chance.

Thank You

Tom Hilber

Candidate for Mn. S.D.67


Tom Hilber

Candidate Mn.S.D.67


Clean Water Action Which Side are you on?

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1. If elected or re-elected to the Minnesota Legislature, which three conservation or environmental legislative policy areas will be a priority for you?

____ Agriculture

__x__ Energy

__x__ Environmental Health

____ Global Warming

__x__ Water and Air Quality

____ Water Quantity and Water Use Efficiency

____ Transportation

____ Other (please list)

2. Which activities will you undertake to advance the issues you listed in Question 1?

____ Request Related Committee Assignments (specify below)

____ Agriculture Committee

__x__ Energy Committee

__x__ Environment Committee

____ Agriculture and/or Environment Finance Committee(s)

____ Public Health Committee

____ Commerce Committee

____ Other (please list)

____ Request Legislative Commission Assignments (specify below)

____ Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

____ Legislative Energy Commission

__x__ Other (please list)  performance Arts

__x__ Author Legislation (specify)  performance Arts

Section 2: Water Policy

1. Our surface, ground and drinking water resources are negatively impacted from a variety of sources. Of the following, which do you believe are the top three impacts to our waters and should be addressed in the 2011 session?

__x__ Agricultural runoff

____ Atmospheric deposition

__x__ Faulty septic systems

____ Industrial processes, such as mining, chemical and ethanol production

____ Landfills seepage

__x__ Storm water runoff

____ Waste water treatment plants

____ Water availability

____ Other (please list)

2. Agricultural runoff has become the most significant source of pollution affecting many of our water resources. Which of the following measures would you support in reducing this pollution? (please mark all which apply)

____ Continue reliance on the current system of state subsidies and voluntary actions

__x__ Provide increased incentives and/or subsidies to landowners

____ Require pollution reduction from agricultural sources as is required for other industries

____ Require agricultural pollution reduction as a requirement for receiving any state subsidies

__x__ Provide adequate funding to the PCA so that the agency can enforce existing regulation on animal feedlots

____ None of the above


3. Minnesotans should expect their drinking water to be clean and free of harmful pollutants and chemicals. Would you support legislation to increase drinking water testing to include emerging contaminants such as endocrine disruptors?

____ Yes, definitely

__x__ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

4. In 2008, Minnesotans voted to approve the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment to devote taxpayer dollars to clean up our water, enhance outdoor recreation, and protect Minnesota’s Great Outdoors. Do you agree with the language in the amendment that states this money should only be used to supplement existing funding and not replace current funding?

__x__ Strongly Agree Include the arts as stated in the bill!

____ Agree

____ Disagree

____ Strongly Disagree

____ Unsure/need more info

5. Aquatic invasive species like Zebra Mussels, Asian Carp and Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) are an imminent threat to the Great Lakes, Mississippi River and other Minnesota waters. Will you support policies to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

6. In 2010 there has been a renewed interest to streamline the environmental review process. Will you oppose any legislation that will weaken environmental and public health protections during the environmental review process?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

Section 2: Chemical Policy

7. In 2009, Minnesota passed the Toxic Free Kids Act which is the first step in creating a system for evaluating the safety of chemicals used in products so that risks to the environment and health are eliminated or reduced. As part of this process, the Minnesota Department of Health is creating a list of priority chemicals and will be submitting recommendations on how to address these chemicals. Do you support requiring manufacturers to replace these identified priority chemicals with safer alternatives when they are available?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

8. Minnesota is a leader in many industries such as medical devices and biofuels, yet we lag behind the rest of the world in green chemistry. These new processes protect human and environmental health by developing safer chemicals which spurs innovation and creates green jobs. Would you support policies that invest in and promote green chemistry in Minnesota?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

9. Studies have shown that many of the pharmaceuticals we use every day are being found in ground and drinking water supplies. Would you support legislation which would require the safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

Section 3: Agriculture

10. State regulation of livestock operations has been significantly weakened in recent years, threatening water and air quality of rural communities. Do you support strengthening state agencies’ ability to enforce current laws regulating feedlot pollution?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

11. We have enough evidence about the link between pesticide exposure and certain cancers, reproductive disorders and neurological damage to warrant precaution in order to protect our children’s health and our ground water. Do you support authorizing the Department of Health to conduct thorough health risk assessments of the most dangerous, high risk pesticides?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

12. Despite the fact that every other industry is required to monitor and report pollutants discharged into the environment, citizens cannot access this information about pesticide application. Citizens have a right to know what pesticides they and their children are exposed to. Do you support requiring pesticide applicators to file records of the pesticides they apply with the State and allowing public access to these records?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

13. Under state law, local governments can pass land-use planning rules that are more restrictive than state regulations. They have used this authority to keep potentially harmful developments from degrading the health, safety and welfare of their communities. Do you support maintaining local government authority to protect their environment at the local level?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

Section 4: Energy Policy

14. Global climate change has emerged as one of the most important environmental issues of our time. To what degree do you agree this is a serious environmental challenge that needs to be addressed in the next 10 years?

____ Strongly Agree

__x__ Agree

____ Disagree

____ Strongly Disagree

____ Unsure/need more info

15. In 2007, Minnesota set a state goal to reduce global warming pollution by 80% by 2050. In order to meet this goal, the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group recommended several policy options. Which of these policies would you support during the 2011 session? (please mark all which apply)

____ Increase efficiency improvements at existing power plants

____ Increase energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings

____ Increase “climate-friendly” transportation (transit, multi-modal options, pay as you go)

____ Reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuel through a Low Carbon Fuel Standard

____ Institute a regional cap-and-trade system (if one does not exist at the federal level)

__x__ Increase recycling and composting efforts to reduce methane emissions from landfills


16. There is currently a statewide moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power plants in Minnesota. Do you believe this ban should remain in place?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

17. If the nuclear moratorium was overturned, would you support the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Minnesota?

____ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

_x___ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

18. There is currently a statewide moratorium on the importation of electricity from new coal-fired power plants outside of Minnesota. Would you support keeping this ban in place?

_x___ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

19. Minnesota statute currently defines waste incineration for producing heat as a renewable energy source. Given some of the concerns regarding air pollution from these facilities, do you agree these should still be considered a renewable energy source?

____ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

__x__ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info

20. Would you support policies in Minnesota that will aid a swift transition to the next generation of biofuels from environmentally sustainable feedstocks that will protect water resources, reduce global warming pollution and decrease dependence on fossil fuels?

__x__ Yes, definitely

____ Yes, perhaps

____ No, probably not

____ No, definitely not

____ Unsure/need more info


Hey Yeall! Lets party down at my house on Rose If I win! Music hot dogs and cheap non-alchohol drinks!

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Hey Ya all! Lets party down at my house on Rose If I win! Music hot dogs and cheap non-alchohol drinks! Large crowd heard cheering as the new East side Moon rises in the east!

I love the Sierra Club

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                                                         Sierra Club

1. MCCAG Recommendations; I support reduction of green house gas emmissions, promote energy efficient tecknologies, renewable (clean) energy in residential housing and support tecknology growth for green businesses.

2. Yes! Nueclear generators and Storage issues: I Support moritorium on nueclear generators and research and development on storage solutions.

3. Yes! I support affordable Independent homeowner green building tecknologies, and independent home infrastructures in existing and new construction.

4. Yes! I support coal moritorium on coal fired plants, the importation of electricity from new coal-fired plants outside the state until carbon reduction plan is in place staewide.

5. Global warming and Mn. forest resiliency: I' m very courious/councious about scrubland harvesting as bio fuel, urban City forest development of all marginal lands. I support our restoration of wetlands, upgrade of marginal farmland reforestry and controlled logging reforestration. Trust fund for this aught not be subject to Mn.state general funds raiders.

6. Off road vehicals and in state forests: I support managed off road trails and protecting our senitive habitats, lakes and streams.

7. I support minorities representation in our Mn. regulated (Excel) power work force. Currently the the green jobs are non-existant in my district, however, we have many newly cleared clean-up sites that should mandate minority hiring practices that represent our diverse population jobs needs.

8. I support labelling products toxicity, public education on toxic chemicals in products promotion of green chemistry to promote public health and wellness.

9. I believe autos use will decrease and transportation sharing increase and licence fees may be the way to promote O growth mandated in road building and hard surface landscaping. I am reminded of the layering study of trails 1800 cent. to hard surface roads in 1900 cent.and see it as unsustainable in the future.

10. I support higher density urban planning, and moratorium on suburban sprawl.

11. Yes I support cleaner renewable transportation fuel sources.

12. Our wet lands are essential to filtering water that goes into our lakes rivers and aqufers and will make sure mandated funds are being spent wisely.

13. Robbing trust funds must be guarded at all cost for our future generations welfare!

14. I support "prove it first sufide mining and the closeure of current mining practices that disregard groundwater protection EPA standards.

15 Budject cutting aught to be equitable if indeed there is no other way to forstall 6 trillion dollor budjet deficit projections.

16 Yes I will support enviourmental review process and vote against any degradation thereof.

17, Top three Issues for me are: renewable energy, clean water, and developing green industries.

18. Mn. S.D.67 is essentially residential homes with a emerging corridor of brown field cleanup and new business/industrial/ tecknological oppourtunties. Bear in mind the living wage jobs are gone the empty houses abound in every block I have personally visited so far even in stable neighborhoods. Infrastructure problems with lead water pipes aging utility poles and lines and no independent self sustaining systems being implemented. We are hard hit by mortgage crisis and condemmed foreclosed and abandoned homes..We clould be the next North MPLS (sic) in the making and I am invested in that not happening in my district..my neighborhood!

Tom Hilber

Mn S.D.67 Candidate

hostile-workplace complaints filed against St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington

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Two hostile-workplace complaints filed against St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington by high-ranking officers have not been substantiated, the city said Friday. A commander and sergeant lodged the complaints with the city's human resources department in December. The city hired an outside investigator to examine the complaints, said Angie Nalezny, St. Paul human resources director. Nalezny said she received a report Monday that Sgt. Tyrone Strickland's...

2007 St. Paul commander files complaint against chief

Last update: December 5, 2007 - 10:54 PM

A St. Paul police commander known for overseeing efforts to combat prostitution and drug dealing has filed a hostile-work-environment complaint against Police Chief John Harrington.

Cmdr. Todd Axtell, a former head of the vice unit currently assigned to Republican National Convention planning, confirmed Wednesday he'd filed the complaint with the mayor's office and city's human resources department. The action was taken with a "heavy heart," he said.

He declined to talk about the specifics of the complaint.

LeeAnn Turchin, the city's acting human resources director, said that she, too, could not speak to the particulars of Axtell's claims, but added the complaint was under investigation.

Because of the ongoing investigation, police spokesman Tom Walsh said Wednesday, neither the department nor the chief would comment.


WCCO Apr 23, 2010 7:39 pm US/Central

St. Paul Police Officer Arrested For Violating OFP

"Domestic violence is a major departmental priority. The department's recent implementation of the 'Blueprint for Safety' marks the seriousness of domestic violence related crimes as a top public safety consideration for our police officers. The actions of Mr. Ferraro appear to demonstrate a profound disregard for his oath of office, the law, and the expectations that the community has of its police officers," he added.

St. Paul Officer Accused of Domestic Abuse

Published : Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009, 6:53 PM CDT

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - A Saint Paul police officer was arrested Monday night in Maplewood for domestic assault.

Isaac Rinehart has been placed on administrative duties until an investigation is completed. Rinehart works with Saint Paul’s canine unit.

The Maplewood police chief says Rinehart’s showed up to a city council meeting with a bloody nose and swollen face, asking for help. She told police her husband had beat her up.

Officer Rinehard later turned himself in and was booked in the Ramsey County Jail.

Rinehart has been an officer at the Saint Paul Police Department since 1994. He has been on the canine until since 2007.

Minnesoata Health Plan

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Mn Health Plan is well laid out plan for the future of Mn. Health care I’d say so here is why:

But first off I’d say Senators serving large urban centers poorer populations and lower income will have to convince out state senators DFL and REP.. some metro DFL senators and Republican, mostly from high income areas that MHP is what we want and what we need. I would bridge this gap having worked in medical facilities and group homes for twenty years. I have experienced the plight of the at risk populations I will tell their story that so needs to be told.


The MHP plan would be funded by all Minnesotans, based on the ability to pay, and would cover all health care costs, replacing all premiums currently paid by employees and employers, as well as all co-payments, deductibles, all payments for care by the uninsured or under-insured, and all costs of government health care programs. Although the MN Health Plan is not cheap, it is significantly less expensive than our current system, and it would provide a full range of health care services to everyone, greatly improving the health of the population.


400,000 Minnesotans without any health insurance, 1 million more who have insurance, but still cannot afford to pay their medical bills due to co-payments




Medical providers of their choice

Would not end when they lose their job

Everyone would be covered

Restore medical decision-making to the doctor and patient

End not only access problems caused by cost

Funded by all Minnesotans, based on the ability to pay

Less expensive than our current system

No worrying about pre-existing conditions

Prohibited from restricting, delaying, or denying care

Reducing the quality of care to save money

Restore medical decision-making to the doctor and patient

End not only access problems caused by cost

Eliminate the problem of un-insurance and under- insurance.

Short term: We need to eat better, learn to access health information general and personal records and state of the arts proven living styles that assure our own health of our families. Doctor run and owned specialty clinics may serve us better under MHP.

Did I miss anything?

Tom Hilber       Hilber66.webs.com

P.S. I know! I know! I’ll change it when I win race and turn 67 Aug. 20th 2010.

St. Paul City Limits East Side Live Music Project

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How to solve the problems of 1.) empty houses .)lack of close by jobs, 3.) stimulate economy


                                                                   The Arts:

Recently Eastside voters passed dedicated funds for the environment and the Arts. I will work with other senators and administrator of these funds to promote the brown field clean-up on the Eastside as well as introduce a performance space for a state of the arts center to be on the corridor with all the amenities for producing ready for TV live music performances to mimic the Model of Austin Texas City Limits television Show.

The empty Schools:

I will work with other senators to mandate partnerships with schools to open their theatres and auditoriums to performing arts as a stimulus to creating businesses and jobs and an industry in performance arts field.

The Phalen Corridor:

I will make sure that jobs are close to home for our eastside workers and that training and retraining are part of that plan so that Eastside’s can get decent jobs close to home. The disinvestments by 3M must be replaced with our workers in the district. This will make the eastside a vibrant community again, fill our empty houses, and demand for houses and restore home values for our retirement folks that relied on them for investments. The arts, the performance spaces, The St. Paul City Limits Studio funded by mandated funds will be an interesting proposal for business hungry senators I will work with when elected and even if I don’t get elected I will and have been promoting this concept.