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 Original idea for blog was to have a presense on the web for Mn. senate compaign in 2010 but now it's about whatever... music mostly rants when needed.... 

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It never ceases to amaze me how life marches right on past the secrets we try to keep. Not once is a secret kept!

Not one two, three, well kept taboos’ in a symmetrical pattern of denial weave through the dysfunctional systems we humans devise to save face, or family honor. I can’t tell you so don’t ask what it is… Most of you already know!

Some prophetic few will tell the secret sooner or later. Why the secret must be told you may ask; well it give the secret a power that swirls and percolates like a good cup of Joe. You all know that over that coffee (Sic) that liquor of life, in the morning our whoops, faux pas’ our secrets are going to come out languishing to be heard noting that everyone already knows only that you kept the secret! I found out through the grape vine by the way!

Where is everybody on Labor day?

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    Let me count the places one could be on that day honoring labor: One,  like me,  I'm at home working on my bucket list. in this order, 1. Kitchen duty, 2. garage duty ,3. yard work and  5.. It's off to the open statge at the Minnesota Music Cafe' 8-11P/M. with Mary Elias and her crew!. Some people do labor day like any day other's board up their houses and head to their property up  north or east for the border hoppers.  Then we got the Minnesota  snow birds heading back the comforst of  Arozona or Florida. Then There are the river hads and their boats, State park campers on a last camping fling. Moter cycle affectionatoes are heading to  digs all over the map or rallies with big bunches of bro's. I'm Happy with the home I live in and my never empty bucket list of nlthings to labor on! 


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Labor Day 2012 makes us all take stock of our work lives and fundamental need to be supporting of our self’s and basic needs of our families and for some the accumulation of wealth over and above these needs. Working lives of men and women that were based on hunting and gathering and later tending live stock and farming as well as manufacturing that always had to do with community efforts. The individual separated from this fundamental communing would more than likely be banished rather than choosing a solitary life style. The next development in Darwinian sense was stealing the goods, crops, or killing of our neighbors.

The free enterprise system following the tribal then feudal tenants began the accumulation of wealth beyond basic needs and leaving a vast majority of mankind either as slaves at best but dependent at worst to the means of meeting basic needs and the morphing of the landscape in savage ripping tearing and destroying nature like the buffalo, the pristine lakes and rivers and the wild prairies and boreal forests ancient landscapes.

Buying and selling began in earnest with ownership replacing sharing and communal needs supplanted by corporate families whose main object was the bottom line. These Business families, or rogue individuals, then reverted to stealing again out of need or greed you could debate this while forever as wars continue to rage on around the world.

Working class response than was to come to gather for protection against this theft and wage enslavement and destruction of the planet. The culture of 2012 appears to be on the verge of the a new crude partnership of rugged individualism and worldwide corporate monoliths… one ‘self made’ the other basically a commune for accumulating things and promoting stuff to the rest of us, forcing us to depend on these things we either don’t need or altered, like food, things we do (not) need. Which side are you on (?) rings out in today’s world? TSH2012



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Exclusive to the Pioneer Press



By Tom Hilber

Having been in involved in the DFL politics close to 50 years and on St. Paul East Side politics sense the early 1970’sI I would add following analysis of S.D.67 candidate (11.) Foung Hawj’s primary win over the public employee (5.) Democrat candidate, Mr. Robert Humphrey. Mr. Humphrey was endorsed by public employees as is current (2.) Senator Harrington Minnesota’s a long time public employee and a first male African American Senator who followed our first female Hmong (1.) Senator Mee Moua whom, you might say, Mr. Hawj saw as the establishment candidate (note teachers union withdrawn their endorsement after he was elected). Mr. Hawj did actually block the endorsement Harrington, a notable conservative in part because many who have noted he contributed to the Republican war president George Bush Jr. (12.) Foung Hawj will face (5.) Republican candidate Mike Capistrant.

Foung Blocked progressive former (3.) Democrat Councilmen Tom Diamond, whom I supported, as well as conservative Harrington and setting himself up to run in the primary thus dismissing the East Side DFL caucus influence, Made up of a spectrum of political philosophies from left to right just like the Republican party which, by the by, both have historically endorsed conservative candidates on St. Paul’s East Side; Examples I pose are DFL’er (6.) Senator Randy Kelly, (7.) Senator Norm Coleman, both turncoat Democrats, add too..Loyalist DFL (8.) Senator Gene Waldorf and then Independent/Republican Candidate (9.) Councilmen Chris Nicosia, who beat me, by the way, in the mid 80’s, when we both had public employee endorsements. And also, by the way, historically public employee unions endorse before and elections and from either party!

So now Foung Hawj is setting himself up as the what (?) Tree hugging progressive man of the people. To his credit and to former DFL Senator Mee Moua’s who won by 60% in the general election) they figured out how to dominate in the scarce voted fall primaries, which East Side Republicans also do well at, by getting out the crossover strategic votes. Harrington, an outsider (outside the Life long East Sider mantra heard so many times in East Side Politics) was a fluke and not voted by any ethnic vote I can see however it was the Hmong vote in coalition with the conservative’s public employee endorsement and most likely Foung has following of the former first ever Hmong state senator’s lead! But the story being reported fails to address Republican crossover with only 425 voters in a no contest vote by Republican voters itching to defeat the public employee endorsed candidates or the fact that Foung Hawj was third in a convention field of three DFL contenders including Tom Diamond.

Foung failed to get majority (60%) out to a DFL endorsement convention this spring and came in third in a field of three, in a convention stacked with conservative delegates while going to the less informed public and ethnic vote which still struggles with intellectual differences between the parties. Non-existent major party differences Jessie Ventura suggests are just two gangs fighting over the same Public employee turf.

This paradigm is not benefitting anyone but the establishments which win or lose missa me, I contend are beholding to the same forces aforementioned above i.e. public employees... We are truly in for more radical politics if the warring does not stop and the Public discourse and debates do not get real. Empty Homes & foreclosures are what I ran on, Mr. Foung Hawj, and I came in last in a field of nine last times around and you will have to say more when you get back from your vacation. The whoring going on will be acknowledged when Foung gets the Public employee endorsements and vote in November. My guess Foung Hawj will do better than Mee Moua’s 60 % in the general election and he’ll get Public employee endorsement before during or after winning in November election.

As my first public employee mentor (*) Dick Patterson (AFSCME council 14) back in 1984 City council race in ward 6, warned us..I paraphrase his message here, “Public employees unions need to lift all our boats not just their own! Pensions, insurance, salaries, rights should be on plate of all who labor. Now hopefully Foung Hewj will let the voice of us underwater people in the non union private sector be heard too… Mr. Foung Hawj, our future first Male Hmong Senator from East Side of St. Paul Minnesota (East Side Pride) have Wiki scholar get ready for a new entry!


(10.) Tom Hilber Retired Teacher ran for senate district 67 in 2010: e-mail [email protected] 47 years of DFL caucusing and voting; 40 year resident of Eastside 1972-2012 First ran against (9.) candidate Chris Nicosia 1984-5city council race as endorsed DFL’er, and later as an independent for St. Paul school board, city council, mayor and Ramsey County Board and candidate for 2010 Senate District 67 Race. Home foreclosed on May 2012 currently lives in South St. Paul

Tom Hilber Author Cell Phone #l 651-491-6286; Reproduction by permission only thank you! 8

1) Senitor Mee Moua: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mee_Moua

2) Senitor John Harrington: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John Harrington

3) Councilmen Tom Domond http://www.tomdimondforsenate.com

4) Mike Capistrant http://www.capistrant4saintpaul.com

5) Robert Humphrey http://votehumphrey.com/supportersandendorsements.htm

6) Randy Kelly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Kelly

7) Norm Coleman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norm_Coleman

8) Senator Gene Waldorf

a. http://www.leg.state.mn.us/legdb/fulldetail.aspx?id=10691

9) Tom Hilber: http://www.tcdailyplanet.net/news/2010/08/06/nine-way-race- senator-mee-mouas-st-paul-seat, Councilmen Chris Nicosia http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/stpaul-issues/messages/topic/Y6cpjt7UAk7K44yylUswP

10) Another POV: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021135770

11) Foung Hawj: http://www.facebook.com/foung

(*) The Richard Patterson: A Scholarship was established in 1989 to honor the memory of the devoted union activist who was a leader of City of St. Paul Local 1842 and who was the first Treasurer of old AFSCME Council 14. A scholarship was designed to assist the children of Council 5 members who wish to attend an accredited post-secondary Minnesota or Wisconsin institution. http://afscmemn.org/printable/node/233

Feathers In The Wind

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Ever just want to drop out of the rat race?   Well the facts in this case are the following; I was voted out of the race, came in last in a crowded field of nine,so dropping out is about just giving back crap because the deck is stackted against you from the start,and there is no chance in hell people will vote for a free thinker, privite sector type employee,  or one prone to think for themselfs and not like every Tom, Dick or Harry out for selfish self interest. Take public employees.... like they have this one sewed up with fellow travelers in the DFL that just go along even though government is basic in it's dysfunctional attitude of screwing the public working in privite sector by legislation that insulates itself from the realality of what most people suffer through without any real guarantee like health care, retiredment, representation, paid suspensions, no fire jobs!  At will employees in the privite sector have none of the cadalac constitutional guanantees that public employees have and it's public complicity with this that gets candidates that guarantees fiscal prosperity to some but not all. Add to the insult Small  & Big business and moneyed interests like chambrers of commerace and corperate heads team up with this hold  on elected positions while access to our public discontent is marginalized by the press. So I just want to give up some times,  take what I can,  make a difference when I can, but this bad taste left in my mouth is sour apples and hoase apples, gritty and distasteful to me!  Bottom line is I'll be back not the wiser but just thorney enough to ruffle a few feathers whenever I can!

Boulevards Of Saint Paul

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St. Paul Citizens snatched up my front curb throw-a-ways …while observing the new owners made me realize that a new term may be in the works; I'll just call it boulevarding... “Like need something (?) Oh I’m going to the Boulevards of St Paul to shop”, as opposed to say alleys where their hunting for scrap metal to recycle. Dads can go scrapping while moms can go boulevarding. I’m Just saying It is a good time to put stuff on the boulevard you want to get rid of, I know cause lately I have been putting large items, like file cabinets, dressers, book shelf’s, portable heaters, auto accessories and the like and next day they are gone. One item was slow to move so I put shrink wrap all-around it in case the rain would destroy an item next morning it was gone. I know this to be true because it actually happened. Incidentally we are getting old and we want to simplify our live down to the bare minimum so our kids don't have to sort through all our stuff. We have no real attachment to these give-a-ways for I savaged most myself over the years sort of out of need at the time but also that is how you live below the poverty line and do OK in a throw-a-way culture like ours. It was the speed which my now used again & gain being for free ‘crap’ (my wife’s term) moved off my curb. Boulevardiers’, dumpster divers, boudoir hoppers, alley scrappers are never the kind of people you see on “whose for yeah” political mailings rather these are proud folks living within their proper means and wouldn’t be caught dead at Mancini.s at least not at the front door. Now if all the couches & chairs out there were shrink wrapped I fell they would move faster for yeah! Remember a good soaking rain on pussy’s favorite chair before shrink wrapping would be a good for business

Charlatans in our midst / Post Election Entries

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                               Pretenders in politics


     I may have come in last in Minnesota Senate District 67 race but I was right on about watching the money in Minnesota Senate District 67 race: The fourth estate has failed to give the fifth it's due! First off John Harrington still has not been vetted by the Pioneer Press 10/21/10 or by the fair campaign practices, or campaign finances, or the general public which just knows it got a cop that has a questionable RNC/ Gang Task Force/ hostile work place, civil rights issues as well as Republican past. Like come on here....I was trying to make the case that empty houses et. al. were the issue that should have been starting point for 67 debates while Mee Moua was keeping shamefully quiet about her domicile being foreclosed on. Meanwhile Harrington won a media popularity contest which the (sic) special interest public confirmed in its action at the primary polls. Are we east Siders so afraid we let the press poster boy with a badge solve the empty houses problem by himself. J.H. reputably living in Oakdale before he became St. Paul Police chief blatantly claimed he lived in St. Paul 20 years in his literature. Had I been elected I would have had the state of Minnesota place a moratorium on foreclosures until the poster boys of public safety like Harrington et. al. had the real crooks in jail, we all know that would have been at least a five years of prosecution and court stall tactics.

     So who cares where the carpetbagger politicians, that East Siders have fallen in love with, actually live? No one… it's more subtitles then that, it's about the money, mostly… outside money that controls the our fair city like a pet project with drastic financial consequences for us city dwellers, things Like sky ways, commercial rather then industrial capitol misspent, to say nothing of the cadillac retirement plans out there will be coming home to roost and ask tax payers to bail out their retirement losses in the stock market. I'd have made any Minnesota cadillac retirement plans like live in the state they draw their quarantined public pensions and health coverage deals. The middle class and private sector jobs have been pushed to below the poverty level with stagnant wages, equity skimming and for the life of me I can not see how this has become a republican rally cry when they, a very rich minority, and their fellow travelers that benefic from the tilted economic playing field. I've said it before, and I will say it again, public employee unions have sold us in private sector out with their over zealous self interest and rather then bring us along they are driving us to support pretenders out of our uninformed desperation.

    Ok! Poor Folks Don't Vote! Politically informed financially secure people do vote in primary races including crossover voting by stealthy Republicans…who as I see it let compound interest destroy our credit ratings, who stole our equity, who makes our money worthless, who sells us crap that don't last, who tells us we are safe when we are being ripped off by rich folks and destitute poor folk criminals. Who Who who!?

   What did Mee Moua do with the thousands of dollars from Lobbyists she accepted during her time as Minnesota senator? The press is culpable, as we all are wallowing in this shame and misinformation that promotes homeless pretenders like Harrington and Moua rather then truth tellers in this economic malaise we are caught up in. Maybe I am just a blues banjo player but the truth always wells up in a democracy even if so very slowly. Empty houses and homelessness were the issues and I did my part…addressed them in my campaign, while the pretenders blew smoke in publics face. The pretenders may appear to have won the day but truth wins in the end or our democracy, wherein free, open, and honest discussions on issues reigns or democracy is a farce. I may have come in last in this race but I was right on about watching the money in Minnesota Senate District 67 race.



Photo use and undue influences and implyed support

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a.) Use of pictures taken at S.D.67 DFL debate and organizers announcement to get permission from participants must not have sunk in or you where wrong about this issue, as John Harrington's web site used my picture with out my permission. See MS 211B.07 MS 211B.02 unduly influence for or against a candidate. Other candidates in S.D. 67 did use pictures in their media items from the DFL events but I have no knowledge if they had permission from persons in pictures in those instances. The only issues I found in the 2010 Campaign Handbook, we all got at filing from Sec.Of State are under unduly influencing voters, and false claims of support. This was publicized as public event, so I'm thinking the admonition you gave at the event had been over ruled by greater legal heads then you or me.


b.) I know this is may seem pretty petty stuff however accumulative missteps like this is mounts up in politics and misuse of power and in misinformation age we need to get it right don't you think? With Harrington former Rep. waltzing into the S.D.67 DFl and taking over, (respect to the people voting in primary including crossover Rep. voters is granted) and with Dayton overcoming a DFL endorsement state wide we need to seriously rethink the value of the DFL endorsements process.




Formal Complaint Against John M. Harrington

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Addendum to complaint filed 8/9/2010

Page two of two

Statement by Petitioner

to Mn. Campaign Finance disclosure Bd.


Tom Hilber


John Harrington


During the summer of 2110 Campaign season, for of which I was a candidate, Mn. Senate Seat 67 I was continually checking the veracity of John M Harrington (candidate) as to his residency statements in press, in JMH literature and rumors as to his time in / out of the Mn. S. D.67 District. I encountered the following what appear to be unfair campaign practices Re: statues now under question.. I have contacted JMH 8/11/2010, day after the election, to meet and clear up these issues.211B.32 sub 4 sub 6 regard notification of respondent.

My issues were not covered by press (except begrudgingly St. Paul issues Forum e-democracy)

or other media except my web site blog and on St. Paul e-democracy and hilber.webs.com petitioners web site/blog

during the campaign.

Deceptive practices, Residency Issue 204C.035 1.)Document 2.) JMH web site

3.) Pioneer press et. al. see also 211B sub 4.

211B.13 Promise of disbursement by St. Paul Federation of Teachers Local 28

211A Failure to file statement of expenditures or disbursements in regard

to in kind contributions

things of value, salaries, communications devices, printing, office space, equipment, or charity, include all

services and or undisclosed use of government resources equipment or expertise including personnel or private non government professional services, including computers or other services therein. Not listed in JMH reports.

211B.05 all media projects in excess of $200.00 including corporate, government private, or union, law firm or union political action committee. Document JMH./SPTF local 28.

Misrepresentation of time resided

in the S.D.67 for senate, document from St. Paul teachers Federation Local 28

Addendum Page two of two




I may be wrong but I am be right

They came for them now they may come for you

So not scared to see daylight how about You


Complaint On Harrington Public disclosure Filed 8/9/10

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                             Addendum To original filing of Monday 8/9/10 by petitioner


                                        Tom S. Hilber 0000 Rose Ave St.P Mn.


                                         John M. Harrington (JMH), 0000 Ivy St.P Mn


Re: Public disclosure filings checked 8/9/10 by Petitioner


1.) Whereas JMH (alleged by petitioner) used professional assistance or professional computer Service Company, and or professional assistants, OR IN KIND CONTRIBUTIONS whereas there no listings on his report with Minnesota Fair Campaign finance Disclosure Board. Whereas no entity including but notm limited to St. Paul police or St. Paul Police Federation in kind (alleged) work on computer data entry or editing on Wikipedia or any sites references or any assistance to John M. Harrington for Senate race. Petitioner Alleges… misuse of Government personnel or equipment et. al. or personnel by respondent directly or indirectly, John M Harrington, Candidate for Mn. Senate district 67. Whereas Metro Gang Task Force founded by respondent JMH is currently under investigation by the FBI and may have access to information in regard complaint request it be sequestered.

2.) St. Paul Teachers Federation (SPTF) Local 28 promise Harrington $250.00, before the primary election which was to ‘more then cover small fee’ to cover rent charged for use the offices of SPTF (document filed by TSH with the complaint found on JMH web site, note site now revised.) a small fee to be Paid by JMH before election to more then be covered by $250 dolor SPTF donation to be received after the election. Which he was to be charged by SPFT Local 28 for office space to use the space and phones to call targeted undecided seniors about civil rights issues on Monday August 9, 2010, the day before the election.


Filed 4PM FCDBd. By TSH petitioneer