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Dry Bones Blues Festival XI June 15th 2014

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Father's Day June 15th 2014

Minnesota Music Cafe

499 Payne Avenue Saint Paul MN. Zip 55130

2:30 'Old Timers' Open AA Meeting

Topic on Page 101 of The Big Book

Live Music 3-7 PM

Five Bands

Celebration of Recovery

Families, Friends, Neighbors,

Public Event

Information call 651-491-6286


3:00 PM Blues by

The Kennedy's

4:00 Dee Miller Blues Band


Special Guest Vocalist

Claudette (BB’s Daughter) King


Ramshackle Charmers

A Rocking Blues Band

Screening of the rushes for movie called DRY BONES BLUES FESTIVAL

Producers Cheryl & Tom Hilber Sober Rose Productions

Sober Rose Productions in partnership with Minnesota Blues Society, East Side Neighborhood Development Company; Northeast Neighborhood Development Corporation, Minnesota Music Cafe, Parkway Printers, Kendall's Ace Hardware, Merrick Community Services all on Payne Avenue, Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church on Mackubin, Christ Recovery Center Union Gospel Mission, Metro Anthony Louis Treatment Center, On-Belay Houses, Pat's Home Dairy Kemps, Newport Laundry & Dry cleaning, Saint Paul Ward 2 Councilmen Dave Thune, City of Saint Paul, District 625 Board Member John Brodrick.


Dry Bones 651-491-6286

Hours spent on Dry Bone Blues.COM 2012-2013

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Volunteer Hours by Tom Hilber Sober Rose Producti0ons of DBBFX 6/15/13

 6/10/13, Private Security hired, Police contacted 1 hr, Thrust Stage set up 6/5/13 -------------3 hrs, (33)

 Friday sound system set up 6 hours Saturday Produced show 9 AM until 11:00PM ---------14 hours

 Sun. clean up 2 hrs, Book keeping final report typing up reports! 17, 18, 19, 29, Mon. Tus. -

 Wed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 hrs

 6/4/13 Meet With Reporter Newspaper...Tuesday Bill Stiger Cheeky Monkey 11:00AM-

 1:00PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 hrs.

 Worked business community Selby Ave, collected remaining sponsors pledges Payne

 Avenue 6/3/4/13 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---6 hour,

 Wed Thurs 29 & 30 2013 work 16 hour on internet add for news paper one the phone-=--

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 hrs (106)

 5/29/13Worked on News paper ads City Pages and bought it on the spot nice discount

 and color 1-5 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---4 hours

 Worked On Highland Villager News Story for Dale Mischke editor Wants to run Human

 Interest Story. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Hours

 Worked on adds for Highland Villagers and Pioneer press (on internet) also putting up

 poster 5/23/24/13 on east side and Selby Highland area ---------------------------------------------5 hrs

 Janet and her brother Norman worked on mailings at DAPC to tx. centers and 1/2 houses

 also putting up DBBF X posters in clubs around town 5/22/13 ------------------------------------8 hrs

 Went to Summit-Hill Planning Council with information and posters Tuesday 5:30 -8:30

 pm 5/21/13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----3 hrs

 5/13/13 Poster Completed for printer to Parkway Printer Worked on Requisitions for

 payment of bands and services, collection of promised funds this week, fifty posters put

 up 50 treatment 1/2 way houses mailing done, 20 hours Monday 5/20/13 Janet& Norman

 & I worked 4 hours on mailing with me! I Worked on Selby Ave with posters and

 promotions 2hrs .For total of---------------------------------------------------------------------------26 hrs

 Been working ALC every day so just in throws of flyers and poster adds and collecting

 funds 2 hrs a day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 hrs

 Friday 4/26/13 9-2:00 PM Worked on Add corrections for phoenix news Cleaned up

 FBP had sly edit add-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 hrs.

 Working with Phoenix add and story for May isse of that recovery news paper 4/20,

 21/13 Julia Edelman!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 hrs

 4/25/13 Been working with Web Master on Dryboneblues.com in Vadnais Heights finally

 got it mostly right--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5hrs

 Began working media last two weeks, plus financial reports to fiscal agent, and Selby

 Ave Business Community

 A lot of time in e-mails, copy stories DBBFX for press /30 hours a week last two

 weeks 4/17/13 5:45PM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------60 hrs ( 103)

 Worked with past and new sponsors Wednesday AM Fr: Blaine , Vadnais Heights, East

 Side down town St. Paul talked to 14 different people. got to make up the lost 500! I

 think I’m up to $400 today ------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 hrs


MARSHALL MESSAGE redacting Face Book Pages Monday 3:35PM ; RENIGING ON

500.00 SPONSORSHIP-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3hrs

 facebook/drybonesbluesfestival X work on up date Bands, Sponsors, food CD Sales

 tables for ---bands ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-hrs

 Internet net working DBBF X -Ea. day -2-4 hours a day Meet with Chuck on financials

 3/29/13------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 hrs

 Contract work with Bands all week long time consuming 3/30/13 copies contrasts to N.P.

 fiscal Agent- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 hrs

 3/25/13 Contract nego. with bands and Web Site Work Cull mailing list for promo-------------6 Hrs

 3/24/13 Band contracts type up e-mail correct / prep prepare dinner two band contacts --

 meetings ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4-hrs

 3/24/.13 with sound tech. and cush. band contract talks Echo Street -----------------------------10 hrs (102)

 3/23/13 Graphic work lettering --------------------------------------------------------------------------8 hrs

 Poster work with Mike Garry 3/21/13-----------------------------------------------------------------3 hrs

 3/19/13 Work on band contracts, work with Web Master 50.00 for domain --------------------6 hrs

 3/1813 Promoting/ Booking bands ( Annie Mack On) with Minn. Blues Society Joe B. ---

 committee reports ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 hrs

 Media F.B. Updates $ requests3.15.13 -------------------------------------------------------------- 2hrs

 Dan Emerson Pioneer Press, Rec Joe Demco,Willie Murphy or other draw for fund raiser --- 1 hr

 Contact Joe Spenser, Mayors office-------(Not returning Calls)------------------------------------- 1 hr

 Income / expense statement work with fiscal agent 3/15/13-----------------------------------------2 hrs

 Al Franken smooze internet for DBBFX ---------------------------------------------------------1 hr

 Fund Raiser Don King Dan, Emerson Promo funding Talk /15/13 --------------------------------1 hr

 Committee work.. Sam Joe Dan Stewart- -----------------------------------------------------------1Hr

 Warners' Stellian break through commitment----------------------------------------------------------1 hr

 3/12/13 Grant writing continues-------------------------------------------------------------------------12 hrs

 Wrote a Grand proposal for DBBF X proposal/refined it sent to Chuck DAPC N.P

 fiscal Agent-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Hrs

 Wrote Star Grant proposal packaged and delivered to PED. St P.with Chuck DAPC N.P-. 5hrs

 Interviewed With PEDE Star Grant Panel ------------------------------------------------------------ 2-hrs

 Awarded Star Cultural Grant Burger Moes' to celebrate -------------------------------------------- 2--hrs

 Met with Chuck N.P. Fiscal Agent --------------------------------------------------------------------2-hrs

 Began research and development of Corporate Sponsors------------------------------------------- 4 hrs

 Went To MRAC Legacy Seminar Bob Burns ---------------------------------------------------------3 hrs

 Contacted John Marshall Excel sent prospective on Dry Bones ------------------------------------1 hr

 Contacted Jeff Warner, John Marshall today DBBFX------------------------------------------------2 hrs

 Contacted Securing Corp. Downloaded Grant package ---------------------------------------------- 1 hr

 Contacted Treasure Island -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 hr

 Contracted Mystic Lake ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 hr

 Contact Jeff Warner caught on a Friday afternoon when he was on his way out the door 1 hr

 Excel contact found name John Marshall He's with St. P. Chamber--------------------------------1 hr

 3/12/13-12 hrs Corporate grant writing Excel Center Securian, PepsiCo ------------------------12 hrs

 3/14-3/15 communications Joe Byrne MNBS & Jeff Warners’Stellian-------------------------- 3 hrs

 Total HOURS _____336 hours______

344 X $ 10.00 =$ 3440.00

6/20/13 submitted by Tom S. Hilber




Dry Bone Debriefing Story 2013

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12 Steps 12 Bar Blues


Tom S. Hilber











The then Local Mayor Chris Coleman’s art Person, Joe Spenser, asked me to apply for a St. Paul Star (Sales Tax Revitalization) Special Cultural Projects Grant from the cities sales tax used to enhance the downtown area as a cultural center. An even smaller amount is used to fund neighborhoods outside the downtown area with cultural development, outright grants, loans or matching funds. Backing up a bit now…the Dry Bone Festival was first funded in 2005 by the Metro East Builders a Methodists community outreach development fund for which I wrote a grant for $2000.00 which was granted and put in the then pastor’s care of which I used for seed money and always replaced after each event. The then city councilmen Dan Bostrom from Ward 6 stepped in with Community Organization planning project money from the Saint Paul City Council in the amount of $500.00 which I then matched from businesses and individuals and proceeds from the festivals of which I have produced ten events sense 2005. $30,000 dollars later I have ten events under my belt which each have made modest profits from freewill offerings from patron attending the each free community event.

I us the first person I for the simple fact I am a ‘one man committee’; which is not my evaluation but the Pioneer Press’s reporter that wrote the story about the dry bones a few years ago, by adding the neighboring city, Minneapolis Minnesota, main newspaper the Star Tribune wherein I am labeled as a ‘political gadfly’ by the latter and a one man committee by the other. I cannot argue either of the two observations by local reporters. This Year a Highland Park neighborhood newspaper, the Villager, stated a third observation that I was a maniac but that was a comment directly quoted from my own lips. I’ll let my readers decide if any of the three fit my profile!

So here I start the journey of 365 days it took to produce the Dry Bones Blues Festival Number Ten. It was a Story that started with an invitation from Joe Spencer the Saint Paul Mayors cultural affairs officer. He was aware, apparently, of my efforts to develop a Blues event as we started the year of the last Raspberry Blues Festivals was held at the Saint Paul Park’s Raspberry Island Band Schell in 2005 in the downtown area located on West Side of Saint Paul. Our Mission has always been to promote a alternative to liquor sponsored music events and promote professionalism amongst musicians and listening audience and to create musician paying venues for local St. Paul and greater Minnesota Blues bands and keeping the music live!

I am not a drug or alcohol prohibitionists I just realize the number of addicted musicians and the deaths of many of our friends whose music we admire that left to soon due to chemical use and abuse and complication thereof. Wikipedia lists about 500 deaths by drugs and alcohol but the liquor industry, I can only suspect, has managed to suppress the alcohol related death as a formal list and appears as not accessible on internet however a daily read of the local papers or the number of friends in the music business that abuse alcohol and drug is as apparent as ever to me!

The spring of 2012 was traumatic for me personally as I lost my home, and my retirement plans to foreclosure crisis that some say was my fault, if you listen to Tom Bernard morning show, or to US banks bundling and selling toxic mortgages, rising taxes; insurance inflation and stagnant wages. Gratefully my wife was able to buy into her parent’s home that was left in trust after their deaths and the deaths of three of her younger brothers in the last few years preceding the mortgage crisis still ravaging our communities even after five years. I personally calculate a quarter million dollars personal loss in future interests as I had planned to continue to rent rooms to recovering folks as I had done over the previous twenty-five years. The summer was not all loss but filled with a Little Crow Memorial trip up the Minnesota River with my youngest brother Rick to visit battle site forts and Minnesota State Parks sites. Then there was the Semi-annual family Reunion at Lida Greens Golf Coerce built by my father on an old notorious Pelican Rapids Minnesota Pot farm and before that a bootleggers hideout in the nineteen twenties! This was my father’s boyhood family summer retreat area for many years and he knew the area and carried out building a truck farm, a log cabin, and remodeling and building a home in pelican Rapids after his retirement from Northwestern Bell Telephone company. With twelve brothers and sisters these events always prove very interesting and updating the family’s pilgrim’s progress.

Granddad was Wisconsin second generation product of hotel businesses in logging towns and he traveled Montana and eventually to Saint Paul to work for the US Government Weight & Measures in St. Paul’s Selby and Snelling Avenue Area of Saint Paul. Dad was born in St. Paul and granddad gave up the government job for a job with Nabisco Company in Fargo North Dakota. Fargo is the area dad grew up in and then as a married man worked across the State of North Dakota with rural electrification and telephone lines and area exchange buildings. Dad’s passion was golf and he was a North Dakota State Runner up State Golf Champion and golf pro as a young man out of High School. With mom bearing kids born one after another going to work for the phone company was a no brainer for dad! The women dad married was a beautiful mix-blood French and Indian which we only learned later in life as hostilities against indigenous peoples still runs deep in Minnesota culture as a result of the war of 1862 and genocide that occoured before and after that war.

Well back to the story: Fall of 2012 I wrote the proposal for Saint Paul Star cultural Grant and by the new year we were accepted as a recipient of a five thousand dolor grant which I proceeded to try to match dolor for dolor from the business community and blues music philanthropists. Then I was under the weather so to speak, for winter was record breaking, and I was hit twice to and from work by a diver admittedly drinking and a dude on talking away his cell phone and not paying attention. I was not hurt but my beautiful Buick looks like crap and a long fight with the insurance company ensued. The settlement did come in handy for some projects and I now drive a car missing a plastic bumper but the steering was repaired from previous driver’s neglect and the wife went on a mission trip to Guatemala with her church group.

Now things start getting desperate for my plan to go to corporate to help fund Dry Bones went quickly nowhere and then in desperation I tenaciously scored with Jeff Warner of Minnesota Warners’ Stellian a seven store family owned business after having my phone calls, emails, and on line contacts ignored, I watched and waited for the time he left work to talk to him personally. The truth is all the previous Dry Bone fests were funded by personal face to face contacts and the so called great technology advancement is way ahead of the populace need for real community and not virtual ones. Jeff was a hard sell but his gift was to spur me on and with a few desperate conversations with spiritual men I proceeded with my pursuit of corporate Saint Paul funding for Dry Bones Blues Festival X.

virtual relationships i.e. phone calls, e-mails, applications went down deep black holes and gatekeepers and even the ones that supported me got shut down by nameless higher up shut me out of corporate sponsorship. One day I had a $500.00 grant and the next week it was withdrawn and five others went nowhere fast. The casinos did take time to e-mail me they are no longer funding music festivals which I know is not entirely true. This was the year Mystic introduced booze after the old chief, who did quite well without alcohol at the casino, died and his legacy was and now is because of next generation of young bucks wish for what (?) more profits, more security jobs, what well I don’t really know! At least I got a response from two area casinos while whereas some corporate entities were simple rude and I was rude right back at them. My aghast at unprofessional behavior higher ups and paid gatekeepers lack of courtesy in provincial Saint Paul will be told to at least twenty friends I can’t quarantine this bitter pill and it’s not the first one for me in life’s forty year journey in Saint Paul. I’m not perfect either but I try to pay attention to courtesies. The Good News is personal contact and tenacity, staying positive, and painting great promotional pictures & stories for people paid off in the end. We increased our budget; fundraising, attendance, sponsorship, and made a profit due to the generosity of our patrons the day of the event. Thanks to all!

The funding all happened; the fans came through, the money came through, the bands came through, the newspapers ads and reporters came through, just one final note on Saint Paul’s provincialism! The Cultural affairs office and the Mayor’s office acted similar to corporate Saint Paul as my calls, requests did not even merit a response even a after a personal face to face contact with the mayor one week out. I would just like to know why this provincial city of Saint Paul Minnesota cannot adapt a more cosmopolitan attitude with courtesies and answered phone calls. I, like most others I believe, would like not to be left hanging in the breeze, even if a no answer is a no answer in my book, it’s rude behavior, Saint Paul, and tax payers, costumers, promoters, visitors, et.al. Deserve better. There I did not even swear even once! See You Next Year God willing!

I start the festival process all over again right after the annual event!



12 Steps 12 Bars

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12 Steps and 12 Bar Blues

By Banjotom

12steps 12Bar Blues My story started at Twin Town Treatment Center, in the University/Midway area of St. Paul in the summer of 1978. My recovery date is August 7, and my last drink was while sailing on the St. Croix river near Hudson, Wisconsin.

A receptionist at the treatment center in 1978 made a comment to me when I whined that I wasn’t to blame for all my woes. She commented about the benefit of finding a mission in recovery and lo and behold, 44 days later I was asked to lecture to the group on how I was going to “trade” my addiction to alcohol for a more positive one. I chose my passion for music as my topic, which eventually led to the title “12 bars 12 steps.” Thus is the genealogy of the Dry Bones Blues Music Festival recovery project.

I was a “folkie” and student of the 12 bar blues and subjected to rock and roll as teen but I was never able to play blues like local players Dakota Dave Hull or Cooker John. I just liked the 12 Steps and the 12 bars blues and what they jointly did to improve my “dry” quality of life.

One of my 12 Step groups in St. Paul had a music jam every Friday night, and one of the regulars — Larry B. — was the director of Christ Recovery Center at the Union Gospel Mission. Larry recruited musicians for a Wednesday night sing­-a -long at the Mission that’s been jamming for over 30 years now. It’s at the Mission I met piano player Bluesman Jack and bass player Joe Wilson Jr. These guys took me under their wing at Cosmic Charlie’s, the Day by Day Café, and a barbeque place in Little Canada.

In time, things changed. One band member started drinking again, another had a stroke, and we evolved into the mission chapel band. We were invited to play at the Central Park United Methodist (CPUMC), where we played 50 Friday night Sober Jams a year and Sunday Morning worship Services once a month.another_blues_band2

In 2005 we planned a blues festival which we pulled off with a $2000 grant from the Metro Methodist Builders group and were thrilled that we made enough money to pay back the grant money and rent for the Sober Jammers venue.

Again, the passage of time wrought change, and CPUMC was torn down and moved. Having lost our moorings at CPUMC we were offered off hours at the Minnesota Music Café (friend of Bill Wilson’s) for the band to play and practice. We pulled off two more Dry Bone Blues events before another church, Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church invited us to their facility in St. Paul.

This year Dry Bones Blues got a St. Paul Star Culture Special Project grant allowing us to pay bands a better rate and promote the event. Our business sponsors range from anonymous live music patrons, machine shops, unions, appliance stores, hardware stores, restaurants, cafes, and treatment centers. The event is free as always (suggested $10) and open to the public. Licensed food venders will administer to gastronomic needs at fair prices.

And yes, you can dance to the music in church….sober! of course.

email to: [email protected], call 651­-491­-6286, check us out on Facebook or visit www.dryboneblues.com for a list of scheduled bands and sponsors.

Lefty's View from Poncho's Living Room

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Making the socialist charge will not (history wise) stick on President O'Bamba. Lefties and liberals know he is a conservative with Wall street and medical industry associations and has so far helped them out more than the middle class suffering from foreclosures, home equity loss, wage stagnation, IRA & 401 losses, inflation all of which is festered by lack of jobs, war policy and military spending continued on from the Bush years. Union people will vote their pocket books, private sector will get table scraps, the middle class will wrestle with lesser of two evils voting and fighting straw dogs presented to it by pseudo ethnologists intend on continuing the culture war while playing nut & shell game with American power and wealth.

A President & His Poem Abe Lincoln

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             Elegy Written in a Country Church yard

                                                      By Thomas Grey


Originally titled Stanza's Wrote in a Country Church-Yard, the poem was completed when Gray was living near the Stoke Poges churchyard. It was sent to his friend Horace Walpole, who popularized the poem among London literary circles. Gray was eventually forced to publish the work on 15 February 1751, to pre-empt a magazine publisher from printing an unlicensed copy of the poem. See Wiki for fuller background on Thomas Grey's Poem. See Life Of Abraham Lincoln Stefan Lorant 1954.

                   See how Abe Lincoln summed up his youth at the end of this summary

                                                           Compiler Tom Hilber

    First Things First: Samuel Lincoln, a weaver apprentice left England in 1637 settling in Massachusetts. Thomas Lincoln, a landowner, Paid $200.00 cash for 300 acres near Present day Hodgenville Kentucky, on Nolin Creek, followed the wilderness trail west and at age 28, married Nancy Hanks, age 22, on June 12, 1806. They lived in Elizabethtown Kentucky, owned a home there and had a first child Sarah born February 10 1807 and Abraham was later born in the wilderness on a bed made of cornhusks and bearskins to Nancy (Hanks) and Thomas Lincoln on February 12, 1809. Thomas was a farmer, carpenter, hunter and fisherman and Nancy took care of the cabin, cooked, baked, washed and sewed while looking after the two children.

In 1811 Thomas found the Nolin Creek Tennessee land barren and bought another track of land on the old much traveled Cumberland Trail between Louisville Kentucky and Nashville Tennessee. Abraham took his learning in the pristine Knob Creek Valley, high hills and deep gorges. By age six he was learning reading writing and ciphering from a teacher. The Lincoln’s lived here five years but lost the land they’d cleared and developed, to a title disputes, then rampant in Kentucky.

They moved to Little Pigeon Creek Gentryville Indiana. It was here in Spencer County off the Ohio River a piece where they chopped down trees and drank from spring water. They built a cabin raised corn wheat and oats and became reasonable comfortable. Thomas bought the land from Gentry for 400 gallons of whiskey. The Thomas Sparrows Nancy’s aunt and uncle, their foster son Dennis Hanks, went with them. Two years later Nancy Lincoln died from milk-sickness. The Sparrow’s both died along with Nancy Lincoln. Dennis, Abe and Thomas built Nancy’s (his Mom) coffin from a log left over from the cabin. Oldest sister Sarah took over household duties at 12 years old.

Thomas, post haste, went a courting an old flame, Sarah Bush Johnson now also a widow back in Elizabethville. She had a son John Johnson and two girls. They were married 1819 after Thomas paid all her bills. The three boys, Abe Dennis, John, slept in the loft the three girls, Sarah and the two Johnson girls, slept downstairs with the newly married couple’s blended family. Eight People lived in that tiny cabin that Sarah quickly had upgraded by Thomas Lincoln’s skills as a carpenter. Abe’s new stepmother took a liking to him and encouraged him to read; Aesop’s Fables, Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Weems’s Life of Washington, Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress, and Grimshaw’s History of the United States. By Age 10 Abe would read at church services from the Bible call out a hymn and preached sermons. 1820 Abe was kicked by a horse driving a grinding mill and rendered unconscious.

By age 19 he was hired by the town’s founder to float down the Mississippi with farm produce to New Orleans the first big city Lincoln ever saw! At age 20 Sister Sarah had been married for three years to Aaron Grigsby and died in childbirth. The Lincolns picked up and moved again and this time Illinois. Near the Sangamon River ten miles from Decatur, built another cabin, split rails to fence ten acres, broke ground and raised a corn the first year. Lincoln told a reporter once, when he was running for US president, that his youth could be summed up in one sentence found in Gery’s ‘Elegy’- the short and simple annuals of the poor.


                                                 By Thomas Grey 1751

The poem begins in a churchyard with a narrator who is describing his surroundings in vivid detail. The narrator emphasizes both aural and visual sensations as he examines the area in relation to himself.


The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,

The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea

The ploughman homeward plods his weary way,

And leaves the world to darkness and to me.

Now fades the glimm'ring landscape on the sight,

And all the air a solemn stillness holds,

Save where the beetle wheels his droning flight,

And drowsy tinklings lull the distant folds;

Save that from yonder ivy-mantled tow'r

The moping owl does to the moon complain

Of such, as wand'ring near her secret bow'r,

Molest her ancient solitary reign. (lines 1–12)

As the poem continues, the narrator begins to focus less on the countryside and more on his immediate surroundings. His descriptions begin to move from sensations to his own thoughts about the dead. As the poem changes, the narrator begins to emphasize what is not present in the scene, he contrasts an obscure country life with a life that is remembered. This contemplation provokes the narrator's thoughts on waste that comes in nature.


Full many a gem of purest ray serene,

The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear:

Full many a flow'r is born to blush unseen,

And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

Some village-Hampden, that with dauntless breast

The little tyrant of his fields withstood;

Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest,

Some Cromwell guiltless of his country's blood.

The applause of listening senates to command,

The threats of pain and ruin to despise,

To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land,

And read their hist'ry in a nation's eyes,

Their lot forbade: nor circumscrib'd alone

Their growing virtues, but their crimes confin'd;

Forbade to wade through slaughter to a throne,

And shut the gates of mercy on mankind,

The struggling pangs of conscious truth to hide,

To quench the blushes of ingenuous shame,

Or heap the shrine of Luxury and Pride

With incense kindled at the Muse's flame. (lines 53–72)

The narrator focuses on the inequities that come from death, obscuring individuals, while he begins to resign himself to his own inevitable fate. As the poem ends, the narrator begins to deal with death in a direct manner as he discusses how humans desire to be remembered. As the narrator does so, the poem shifts and the first narrator is replaced by a second who describes the death of the first.


For thee, who mindful of th' unhonour'd Dead

Dost in these lines their artless tale relate;

If chance, by lonely contemplation led,

Some kindred spirit shall inquire thy fate,

Haply some hoary-headed swain may say,

Oft have we seen him at the peep of dawn

Brushing with hasty steps the dews away

To meet the sun upon the upland lawn. (lines 93–100)

The poem concludes with a description of the poet's grave that the narrator is meditating over, together with a description of the end of that poet's life.


There at the foot of yonder nodding beech

That wreathes its old fantastic roots so high,

His listless length at noontide would he stretch,

And pore upon the brook that babbles by.

Hard by yon wood, now smiling as in scorn,

Mutt'ring his wayward fancies he would rove,

Now drooping, woeful wan, like one forlorn,

Or craz'd with care, or cross'd in hopeless love.

One morn I miss'd him on the custom'd hill,

Along the heath and near his fav'rite tree;

Another came; nor yet beside the rill,

Nor up the lawn, nor at the wood was he;

The next with dirges due in sad array

Slow thro' the church-way path we saw him borne.

Approach and read (for thou canst read) the lay,

Grav'd on the stone beneath yon aged thorn." (lines 101–116)

An epitaph is included after the conclusion of the poem. The epitaph reveals that the poet whose grave is the focus of the poem was unknown and obscure. The poet was separated from the other common people because he was unable to join with the common affairs of life, and circumstance kept him from becoming something greater.


Here rests his head upon the lap of Earth

A youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown.

Fair Science frown'd not on his humble birth,

And Melancholy mark'd him for her own.

Large was his bounty, and his soul sincere,

Heav'n did a recompense as largely send:

He gave to Mis'ry all he had, a tear,

He gain'd from Heav'n ('twas all he wish'd) a friend.

No farther seek his merits to disclose,

Or draw his frailties from their dread abode,

(There they alike in trembling hope repose)

The bosom of his Father and his God. (lines 117–128)

The original conclusion from the earlier version of the poem promotes the view that humans should be resigned to the fact that we will die, which differs from the indirect, third person description in the final version.


The thoughtless World to majesty may bow

Exalt the brave, & idolize Success

But more to Innocence their Safety owe

Than Power & Genius e'er conspired to bless

And thou, who mindful of the unhonour'd Dead

Dost in these Notes thy artless Tale relate

By Night & lonely contemplation led

To linger in the gloomy Walks of Fate

Hark how the sacred Calm, that broods around

Bids ev'ry fierce tumultous Passion ease

In still small Accents whisp'ring from the Ground

A grateful Earnest of eternal Peace

No more with Reason & thyself at strife;

Give anxious Cares & endless Wishes room

But thro' the cool sequester'd Vale of Life

Pursue the silent Tenour of thy Doom.


See Wiki for fuller background on Thomas Grey's Poem.

See Life Of Abraham Lincoln Stefan Lorant 1954.             




Whitestone Hill North Dakota Victory or Genocide

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    The greatest massacre in North Dakota was September 3,1866 at Whitestone Hill Near my home town of Lamoure.  As a child and a student this event was shrouded in racism and greed and yes verifiable (secret document of Thomas Jefferson) American policy historicly called Manifest Destany. Complicit in this massacre was DakotaTerritorial Governor William Jayne who raised the militia that served in the Sibley-Sully Indian genocide of American Indains commonly known as the Sioux alot of whom were Christains.  Sadly Abraham Lincoln's action hanging 38 warriors defending their home was not effective in stopping the genocide of a peoples culture including women and children and mixed bloods of 600 years of intermarriage of the French.

     The Whitestone massacre created conditions to wipe out the buffilo and the Souix that thrived on them, devide up the land by speculators and railroad mogels and complicit Minnesota Governors. Immigrants were mostly unaware of the greed and averace of Washington and state governors in bed with east coast Mogels: List of Robber Barons ; 

                                                              Henry M. Flagler................                                

  John W. Mackay

Frank W. Woolworth

August Belmont

Richard W. Sears

Charles W. Post

Daniel Drew

Jay Gould

Jacob Schiff

John P. Morgan

John D. Rockefeller

William Vanderbilt

John Jacob Astor

Stephen Girard

Frederick Weyerhaeuser

Marshall Field

Henry Ford

James G. Fair

James Fisk

Henry C. Frick

E. I. DuPont

Levi Strauss

Russell Sage

John I. Blair

Collis Huntington

James C. Flood

Phillip Armour

Leland Stanford

James J. Hill

Claus Spreckels

George Eastman

James B. Duke

George Hearst

William Randolph Hearst

Isaac Singer

Adolphus Bush

George Pullman

Johns Hopkins

Cyrus McCormick

Joseph Pulitzer

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Andrew W. Mellon

William Weightman

Edward H. Harriman

Henry H. Rogers

Mark Hopkins

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William Rockefeller

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Charles Tiffany


Yard Signs Demise

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    The political yard sign may be dead as result of social media; as it surpasses the information looping in the world and local cultures. The social media cost to candidate appears much cheaper and more effective bang for the buck... so holdover use of the yard signs causes some issues for voters and public in reading candidates branding.the cost of a puder and access to one for voters seems a no brainer in the democratic model.

 DLF'er can not rely on yard signs to protect their turf in branding their realm of influence. Use Senator Cohen & Foung as examples. Cohen followed traditional DFL protocol, Foung followed primary DFL protocol. These two routes to and end present new candidate and voter information searches to be informed voters. In St Paul news papers seem to fail at local reporting anymore and tribe system strangely working better with local politics as well as social media!



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To My Sister Mary

At her funeral Mass


Tom Hilber


It never ceases to amaze me how life marches right past whatever expectations we may have of it

“We always had warm hearts together”

Two weeks - seventy-one years & funeral drivers we know drive us home one more time

Patricia, Mom, Dad, await you Mary

No more work, play, sad, happy

Journey you made here will fortify you there

I recall you in the kitchen

On the phone


Proud to have you a senior when I but a freshmen

On the Radio, together, on Saturday mornings

I thank you for the journal you sent

The memories you had of me

Emotions here

Her there

Sad not to be present

But will join you soon

As will all your family

Forever yours brother Thomas Sylvan Hilber

P.S. I’ll bring the banjo

Back up those tall tales

Stories about people with crooked mouths

Who cooled but could not blew your candle out






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