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Dry Bones Blues Festival V

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Dry Bones Blues Festival V
Poster for our fifth Dry Bones Festival held at the Union Gospel Mission Father's Day, June 20th 2010, Saint Paul Minnesota.
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Reply Thomas Hilber
3:14 AM on June 28, 2011 
Ruben Rusario P.Press

Micky aka Mikil MaCalab

Dan Emerson sent you a note regard the passing of another St. Paul musician, Mikil Louis, dieing from his desease of chemical dependency.
Howard Wright, another St. Paul musician passsed away not 4 weeks ago. I've known Mikil for close to twenty years he hung out with and helped with the sober music project started at the St. Paul Recovery Church across from Region's Hospital (Now Gone and now a parking Lot...new site down on Plato & Filmore on the west side). Did a Lemmy 0 Show on channel 17 (June 9th) ....JUST TEN DAYS AGO. A lot of bands around town played the songs Mikil Louis played with Milwakee Slim years ago literally keeping the Blue alive in St. Paul/Mpls. (http://.milwakeeliveentertainment.com/band_profile.asp?bandid=19
8)Some Folks you could interview are listed her: Stewart RhodesFlattFootRollers, Detroit Don King Blues Band, Dakota, Without A Cause Band , Rodney Wilson, & Andre Gilmore Cash & Carry Band, Cassanova Jackson his cousin and drummer for years and with Milwakee Slims. AlB. Ware, Host of the Lemmy O Show has had Mikil on the show many times over the lat 22 years. a lot of people know this local guy it would be nice of you to do story about his journey. The slant I'm coming from is I met him twenty years ago, when I was 12 years sober, now her with 32 years sober this guy never did sober up but for brief periods fo which he would cherish and why would this guy stay friends with a dry dude like me? Mikil was a Jimmy Hendriks play the quitar behind his head kind of guy. He alway had some thing going always want to play his music and called me weekly some time drunk some times buzzed sometime stoned but all the time friendly to me, my music and my God he died on the weekend of the Dry Bone Bues Festival VI.5 he was ultimately the relentless talent scout /promoter telling me about this or that musicain or gig oppourtunity. He'd alway ask me for two bucks and I would never give it to him but that did't phase him. He mostly loved being filmed, written about, photographed, talked about. He kept calling me the week before he died....wanted a dvd copy of the Lemmy O Show we did, wanting me to deliver the dvd cause he did'nt drive and he was going to the hospital to have heart surgery and wanted to see it before that..I kept calling to deliver it and phone message said he was having medical problums and he's get back asap! In true Mikil style he'd always tell friends a white lielike this when he was doing time in the county work house for some conviction or another.
It was hard to if not difficult to get/keep ...for for Mikil to stay sober very long. He admitted to being chemicaly dependent and also bragged when ever he got some sober time under his belt. Another Blues man done gone home, Please ...won't you help we gotta raise some money to bury this man who was pennyless ...I never saw his handle or even carry a wallet but I knew him mostly in sober functins I promote. (Ref. to you by D.E.) W.By. Banjotom

-Note From Al B.Ware-
I am the longtime host of the Lemmy O? Show on the Minneapolis Television Network. Mikki first came to my attention nearly twenty years ago when he came to perform with a blues band. The name of the band escapes me at this moment but Mikki always had a way of ?standing out from the crowd.? The Lemmy O? Show is a musical variety show that is shown on live T.V. Thursdays at 5:00 PM On MTN Channel 17 in Minneapolis. After this first meeting, Mikki stayed in contact with me. He would come in about once every two to three months with a different group of band members to do the show. Then, one Thursday, he can in and brought a group and introduced them as ?The Startime Blues Band? featuring Mikki Lewis. Down through the years he?d introduce a number of other band in which he?d come in and perform with. About ten years ago he introduced ?The Rubba Blues Band Band led by Banjo Tom. I was invited to cohost the ?Drybones Blues Festival? on several occasions. My most favorite memory of Mikki happened at Arnellia?s nightclub on University Avenue in St Paul Minnesota. Mikki had a way of setting his guitar to ?strumb, hands free".? On this night, Mikki was headed out the door for a cigarette break carrying his instrument in the aforementioned mode, he handed it to a patron who was sitting at the bar, asking him to ?hold this for me, I?ll be right back,? Well after five minutes or more, this fellow begin to get frightened but didn?t know what to do with the guitar. Ms. Arnella told him to just lay it on the table. Mikki was some what of a kidder at times, he?s always ask me to repeat one or more of my ?Doodirty? joke that I always used in my monologue. Mikki made a miliion memories that?ll be with us forever. A.B.W.
Reply Thomas Hilber
5:09 AM on June 19, 2010 
The oppourtunity to run for Minnesoat senate seat 67 was out of the blue and right at the time we were promoting Dry Bones Blues festival so the overlap was unavoidable and also offered a chance for greater interest in the festival promotions and maybe getting my community interested in Community family event. Coming together as a community is what culture is all about....so it is what it is!

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Dry Bones Blues Festival

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